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Watercolour mediums

Watercolour mediums

Use change to your watercolor painting media works with a variety of techniques. Top products at low prices here.


Available Product-No.: P001074
Up to now: 10,85 EUR
9,49 EUR
AQUA fix Schmincke. For water-colours, increases resistance to water. If added to the colour it dries to be waterproof. Avoids dissolving of colour when painted in several layers and allows more possibilities for transparent painting. To be used for water-colour painting instead of water. Attention: Do not mix medium and colour in the pan. Clean brush and palette thoroughly with water and soap immediately after use. Bottle 60ml More...
Sold out Product-No.: P001075
Up to now: 10,65 EUR
8,99 EUR
AQUA gloss Schmincke. Increases gloss and brilliance of watercolours. To be applied on dry water-colour pure or mixed with water-colour. Gloss effect decreases with stronger dilution. Remains water-soluble. Retards time of drying. Attention: Do not mix colourand medium in the pan. Bottle 60ml More...
Available Product-No.: P001076
Up to now: 17,95 EUR
15,95 EUR
AQUA pasto Schmincke. Thickener for water-colours. A transparent thickening medium which can be used pure or mixed with water-colour in tubes. Reduces colour flow and improves gloss. Suitable for techniques with spatula in thin layers. It dries slowly and stays water-soluble. Store in a cool place. Final fixation with matt film avoids stickiness. Pot 125ml More...
Available Product-No.: P001077
Up to now: 11,20 EUR
9,65 EUR
AQUA shine Schmincke. For pearl effects. Apply AQUA shine pure or mixed with water-colour. Dilution reduces pearl effect. Particles of picture achieve nacreous or shimmering gloss. The medium slightly retards drying of the colours and stays water-soluble. Attention: Do not mix colour and medium in the pan. Shake before use. Bottle 60ml More...
Available Product-No.: P001078
Up to now: 11,25 EUR
9,60 EUR
Gum arabic, concentrated. Schmincke. Viscous flow and binding medium for all gouache and water-colours. Improves transparency, adhesion of undercoats, gloss and intensity of colours. Binder for own production of colours with pigments. Dilutable with water. Remains water-soluble after drying. Bottle 60ml More...
Few available Product-No.: P001079
Up to now: 13,55 EUR
10,95 EUR
Liquid frisket Schmincke. Liquid, colourless gum emulsion for masking specific fields, which should remain white, on water-colour paper, smooth drawing carton, photographs or films. Apply undiluted with writing pen, cotton or wooden stick. To be coloured only after drying. Rubb easily off with finger or eraser. Do not leave liquid frisket longer on the grounding than 2 days. Remove completely as soon as possible. According to paper quality is slight yellowing possible. Clean equipment immediately with water and soap. Close bottle properly and avoid frost. Contains: Synthetic resin dispersion without ammonia. Bottle 100ml More...
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